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A Heroine’s Journey: Unexpected and REAL

Episode Summary

Jen and Sherry cover new ground - shining light and changing the dialogue around darker topics like addiction, abuse, and prostitution. Come for the chat, stay for the epiphanies! We found our way to what feels true; heroines can travel from an existence defined, too often, by shame - to a full life of awe and wonder. Same heroines, new mindset.

Episode Notes

Our guest: SHERRY WILLIAMS spent her first 28 years dropping in and out of life’s most difficult situations. The following 28 years produced shifts in belief systems formed by molestation and abuse and through addiction and prostitution. Sherry understands the hook that life on the darker side can have on a person. She also knows deeply the hurts and doubts life delivers and how remaining in the struggle can be easier to take than the fright of change. Sherry learned that the desire for transformation requires being inquisitive. Sherry speaks on her heroine’s journey and inspires many with her incredible ability to tell an honest story. Sherry looks to expand a sense of hope and direction in communities across the world. Her career has been varied, successful, and fulfilling. As a scientist, teacher, speaker and coach she is an enigma of expectation.

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